Tuesday, May 24, 2011


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Punk Rock Bogor

Mistery Torpedo (2011)

Track List:
01. Zonder Pardon
02. Sex, Alcohol & Ego
03. She Went Into A Trance
04. Mistery Torpedo
05. Electra Complex
06. Goodbye Always
07. Warum Sollte Ich Pfiege
08. Astral
09. Jabber
10. Bonus Track

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Punk Rock Jogjakarta

Don’t be Sad, Don’t be Gloom The Frankenstone is Ugly (2009)

Track List:
01. beat box rock
02. spend away
03. don’t mess with timebomb
04. you’ll never know
05. fever
06. leave me a radio
07. ordinary love song
08. the pink
09. I try to be a good boy but I’m fucked
10. ain’t talkin’ about you
11. i got a problem with my health
12. can’t take it anymore
13. uncomercialized prostitute
14. when i’m getting old
15. come back home lonely boy
16. youthful culture
17. in my bed tonight
18. longway to nowhere
19. float

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A Kid’s Refuge from The Adult (2011)

Track List:
Kid Side
01. I Hate Those Who Hate Me (live)
02. Got No Respect
03. We’re Friends We’re Gonna Stick Together (feat. Miftake)
04. Too Many Anxiety in My Life
05. I WIsh I Got A Pill That Makes Me Sleep a Week
06. For The Dummies
07. I Salute Your Attitude
08. Television Is A New Faith
09. Beat on The Brat (Originally by The Ramones)
10. I Only Could Hide in His Bedroom
11. Putro Learn to Blues (live)

Adult Side
01. In My Bed Tonight (Home Demo)
02. Place Where I Belong
03. I Don’t Want My Sperm Lost in Vain
04. Pussy Through The Ages
05. You’re Not a Baby Boy Anymore
06. Believer
07. Cold Night
08. Ride Around Town
09. To Be a Rockstar Is Just 13 Years Old Boy’s Dream
10. Glorious Ship Quay (Originally by FullMoon)
11. Commercial Break

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Maybe Someday We Will Follow Him (2010)

Bequiet - Commercial Break (HardcorePunkRock Jakarta).mp3
Bequiet - Death Kitchen.mp3
Bequiet - Don't Fuck With The Bitch.mp3
Bequiet - Headache.mp3
Bequiet - Kill.mp3
Bequiet - Old Boy.mp3
Bequiet - Suicide.mp3
Bequiet - The Cloy.mp3
Bequiet - Total Peanuts.mp3
Bequiet - Who Stole My Bike.mp3

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Thursday, May 19, 2011


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Looking Back - Intro (Hardcore Depok).mp3
Looking Back - Standing Strong.mp3
Looking Back - Terus Bersatu (Our Spirit).mp3
Looking Back - What the Difference.mp3

mp3 from rianaliefseptiadi@yahoo.com .. Thanks so much broda


Thrashcore Bogor

HARDXCOVER26 - Bogor Riot Thrashcore.mp3
HARDXCOVER26 - Exploitasi Anak Dibawah Umur.mp3
HARDXCOVER26 - Fucking Negative Thingking.mp3
HARDXCOVER26 - Hardcover Is Thrashcore.mp3
HARDXCOVER26 - Manusia Tidak Bermoral.mp3
HARDXCOVER26 - Persetan Dengan Waria.mp3
HARDXCOVER26 - Sama Rata Sama Rasa.mp3
HARDXCOVER26 - What The Fuck.mp3


mp3 from dimasjwz@yahoo.com ..Thanks so much bro!


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Hardcore Jogjakarta

Kuda Besi - Do It Yourself!!.mp3
Kuda Besi - Perang.mp3


mp3 from eldnxprasetyo@yahoo.co.id ..Thanks so much bro !


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Class Of Thirteen - Breakdown (Punk Rock Bogor).mp3
Class Of Thirteen - Jockey (I Swear To Billie Joe's Underwear).mp3
Class Of Thirteen - Politik. Keadilan. Tak Berpihak..mp3
Class Of Thirteen - Saturday Night.mp3
Class Of Thirteen - Seperti Mereka (Taklukkan Dunia).mp3
Class Of Thirteen - Yesterday.mp3

mp3 from rittercritter@rocketmail.com .. Thanks so much !



Remote Control - Short Story (SkatePunkRock Sukoharjo,Surakarta).mp3
Remote Control - Sunday Sick.mp3

New Collection

REMOTE CONTROL - Simple life.mp3
Remote Control SHORT CORE EP 2010.rar

ThX so much to Boim RC


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Lose Control - Perang Dan Jabatan (PopPunkRock Tangerang).mp3
Lose Control - bersatu dalam nada.mp3
Lose Control - semangat perubahan.mp3
Lose Control - kau dan aku dia dan mereka.mp3

mp3 from shi_konday18@yahoo.co.id .. Thanks so much !!!