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ForTrash - Beside evil (Hardcore Punk Jakarta).mp3
ForTrash - Build United.mp3
ForTrash - Chaos Survival.mp3
ForTrash - Desperate to Die.mp3
ForTrash - Fortrash.mp3
ForTrash - Front Kiri.mp3
ForTrash - Indonesian Shit.mp3
ForTrash - Nine years we struggle.mp3
ForTrash - Send Me to Reality.mp3
ForTrash - Struggle to Survive.mp3
ForTrash - The fifth track.mp3
ForTrash - Throw into the edge.mp3
ForTrash - Physical Attraction.mp3
ForTrash - Rebel for Freedom.mp3
ForTrash - Say That You Aren't Right.mp3

mp3 from Virman ForTrash ThX so much broda !!!


Close Head - Aduh...!! (Melodic Punk Bandung).mp3
Close Head - Berdiri Teman.mp3
Close Head - Broken Heart.mp3
Close Head - Eat My Holiday.mp3
Close Head - Heart Of Pop.mp3
Close Head - It's All About Life.mp3
Close Head - Keep On Smile.mp3
Close Head - Mati Rasa.mp3
Close Head - Menjelang Hilang.mp3
Close Head - Midi Selamat Jalan.mp3
Close Head - Percayalah.mp3
Close Head - Reflection.mp3
Close Head - Shit.mp3
Close Head - Souvenir (Acoustic Version).mp3
Close Head - Menunggu Bintang Terang.mp3
Close Head - Your Answer Is My Remedy.mp3
Close Head - Love Kill Twices New.mp3
Close Head - Masa Lalu.mp3
Close Head - Kekasih Sejatiku Adalah Kesunyian.mp3
Close Head - Kisah Sedih.mp3
Close Head - Donna.mp3
Close Head - Kedamaian (unrelesed).mp3


KAOS kutang - Break The System (Samarinda Punk Rock).mp3
KAOS kutang - Fuck The Jews.mp3
KAOS kutang - Fuck Those Police.mp3
KAOS Kutang - Good Friends Don't Cheat.mp3
KAOS kutang - Kill The Pop Stars.mp3
KAOS kutang - Lets Pogo Around.mp3
KAOS kutang - Medium Stink II.mp3
KAOS kutang - My Favorite Stomache Ache.mp3
KAOS kutang - Please Don't Be a Mainstream Ass.mp3
KAOS kutang - Shit..Shit..Shit..mp3
KAOS Kutang - Why Do You Keep Doing That.mp3
new album=
Kaos Kutang - Ur Women Sucks.mp3
Kaos Kutang - Stop Beating Up Civilianz.mp3
Kaos Kutang - Trapped.mp3
Kaos Kutang - Instead Of Doing That.mp3
Kaos Kutang - Lets Join.mp3
Kaos Kutang - Friendship Still Goes On.mp3
Kaos Kutang - How Can We.mp3


Still Punk Still Suck's - Aggressive Touch - Fantastic.mp3
Still Punk Still Suck's - Buckskin Bugle - B is for Buckskin Bugle.mp3
Still Punk Still Suck's - Closehead - Kampang.mp3
Still Punk Still Suck's - Disconnected - leuv.mp3
Still Punk Still Suck's - Rocket Rockers - Let Sleeping a Dogs Lie !.mp3
Still Punk Still Suck's - Sendal Jepit - Encounter None.mp3
Still Punk Still Suck's - Sun Of A Beach ! - Shierley.mp3
Still Punk Still Suck's - The Marmars - The story of the zoo and the monkey.mp3
Still Punk Still Suck's - Tommy Band - Robot.mp3
Still Punk Still Suck's - Voice Of Youth - Behind The Moonlight.mp3


Mawar Berduri - BangkitBerontakLawan (CrustPunk Bandung).mp3
Mawar Berduri - Tantangan dan Ancaman.mp3
Mawar Berduri - Terror.mp3
Mawar Berduri - Tumpas Tuntas.mp3
Mawar Berduri - Tusuk Telak.mp3
Mawar Berduri - Politic Shit.mp3
Mawar Berduri - Resistence to Aberration.mp3
Mawar Berduri - Kacau Balau.mp3
Mawar Berduri - Kaduruk Ku Hawa Amarah.mp3
Mawar Berduri - My Baby.mp3
Mawar Berduri - Perang Sodara.mp3
Mawar Berduri - Persetan.mp3

ThX so much to Kuze Berduri ,, BuuX Berduri ,, Yanz Berduri ,, OyoX Berduri


porno star myspace

Porno Star - Di Penjara (CrustPunk Bandung).MP3
Porno Star - Dead For Them.mp3
Porno Star - Gara gara sia.mp3
Porno Star - Go To Jail.MP3
Porno Star - Porno Star.MP3
Porno Star - Public Sex.MP3

ThX so much to lead singer this band mr.tigor rollins & mrs.dewi hell squad


Error Crew - 48th Meruya Street (PunkRock Jakarta).mp3
Error Crew - Ambisi Buta.mp3
Error Crew - Confused.mp3
Error Crew - Don't Let It Past.mp3
Error Crew - D'ya Remember This !.mp3
Error Crew - Gejolak Jiwa Muda.mp3
Error Crew - Go Pogo.mp3
Error Crew - Gunshot.mp3
Error Crew - Here You Are.mp3
Error Crew - Stoned Boys.mp3
Error Crew - The Rule's Fail.mp3
Error Crew - They Will Never.mp3
Error Crew - Run.mp3
Error Crew - Shoutin Heart.mp3
Error Crew - Slut Song.mp3
Error Crew - Ini Jakarta Bung.mp3
Error Crew - Mr.mp3
Error Crew - Nevermind.mp3

mp3 from

Facebook fans page

United Blood - Children Victim War (Oi! Bandung).mp3
United Blood - Help All.mp3
United Blood - Bola.mp3
United Blood - Close Able.mp3
United Blood - Don't Die Reggae.mp3
United blood - Mereka Berhak.mp3
United Blood - Pekerja Keras.mp3
United Blood - It's Time To Get Work.mp3
United Blood - Solidarity.mp3
United Blood - Stungle.mp3
United Blood - Titik Terang.mp3
United Blood - Wake Up.mp3

ThX so much to Mr.Oka


Revolt - Beautiful City Dead Scene (Oldskull Hardcore Bogor).mp3
Revolt - Kapasitas Diri.mp3
Revolt - Let Her In.mp3
Revolt - MachoshitDieFast!.mp3
Revolt - Sekarang dan Selamanya.mp3
Revolt - Start At Yourself Or The Words May Force you.mp3
Revolt - Victim Of Fashion.mp3
Revolt - When The Old Guy Wanna Be Adored.mp3

Revolt - Promo Tape 2000.rar

ThX so much to Titan Revolt


Still One Still Proud-B H H-united punk and skin.mp3
Still One Still Proud-BATTALION OF SUCK-troop of punx.mp3
Still One Still Proud-BRIGADE OF BRIDGE-stop religion war.mp3
Still One Still Proud-BULLET PROOF-cendana.mp3
Still One Still Proud-CHAOS RI-violence in the earth.mp3
Still One Still Proud-COP CARS-minor majority.mp3
Still One Still Proud-CRAZY WAVE-indonesian still hot.mp3
Still One Still Proud-DEAD LOCK-fight back.mp3
Still One Still Proud-DIJOBEDIENCE-religions and religions.mp3
Still One Still Proud-DIRTY RIOT-survival attack.mp3
Still One Still Proud-DISPLOISUCK-ciu.mp3
Still One Still Proud-FETID-noise and punx.mp3
Still One Still Proud-HEROIC-trouble maker.mp3
Still One Still Proud-INTIAL DISTRUST-eav.mp3
Still One Still Proud-KEEP ON-united song.mp3
Still One Still Proud-LAST GORETS-machine gun killing.mp3
Still One Still Proud-MOHICAN FREAKS-die trendy.mp3
Still One Still Proud-RAMPAGEOUS-all system shit.mp3
Still One Still Proud-STRAIGHT OFF SYSTEM-revolt this time.mp3
Still One Still Proud-SUB ROOSTER-hit the boys.mp3
Still One Still Proud-THE RAWS-violence.mp3
Still One Still Proud-TOTAL CORRUPTED-corruption.mp3

mp3 from


Septictank - Angry Kids.mp3
Septictank - Ethnic Violence.mp3
Septictank - If.mp3
Septictank - Slave.mp3
Septictank - Terminated.mp3
new colection=
Septictank - Born In The City.mp3
Septictank - Destroyed.mp3
Septictank - Dead Of Rules Supremacy.mp3
Septictank - Everything Fuck.mp3
Septictank - Fight.mp3
Septictank - Fools.mp3
Septictank - Punks N' Skins.mp3
Septictank - Resist.mp3
Septictank - Trends Fads Bastards.mp3

mp3 from Stefan Hristov ThX so much broda !!!


Brigade Of Bridge - Cause We Are (StreetPunk Jakarta).mp3
Brigade Of Bridge - StreetPunk Tonight.mp3
Brigade Of Bridge - You Know Who You Are.mp3
new colection=
Brigade Of Bridge - Do It You Self.MP3
Brigade Of Bridge - Drunk Punk.MP3
Brigade Of Bridge - Fuckin Way Of Life.MP3
Brigade Of Bridge - It's A Life.MP3
Brigade Of Bridge - Just Hope And Broken Heart.MP3
Brigade Of Bridge - Save The Child.MP3
Brigade Of Bridge - Who Said Punk Is Dead.MP3
Brigade Of Bridge - Why.MP3
Brigade Of Bridge - Wild And Riddiculous.MP3
Brigade Of Bridge - See You Later.MP3

mp3 from


Bejad Moral friendster

Bejad Moral - Brigade Bastard (CrustPunk Bandung).mp3
Bejad Moral - Facist Bersenjata.mp3
Bejad Moral - Masturbasi.mp3
Bejad Moral - No Friend No Enemy.mp3
Bejad Moral - Runsing.mp3
Bejad Moral - Sound Of Bejad Moral.mp3
Bejad Moral - Time For The War.mp3

mp3 from Stefan Hristov ThX so much broda !!!


The Bollocks Friendster

The Bollocks - D.I.Y (Hardcore Punk Bandung).mp3
The Bollocks - Ignorant.mp3
The Bollocks - Mala Petaka II.mp3
The Bollocks - Pleasure To Kill.mp3
The Bollocks - Rusuh.mp3
The Bollocks - Destructions.mp3
The Bollocks - Stupid War.mp3

mp3 from


Peluru Nyasar - Road Riot (StreetPunk Pontianak).mp3

ThX to Adex Peluru Nyasar


U.G.D 24jam - Autis (HC StreetPunk Pontianak).mp3
U.G.D 24jam - Pegkhianat.mp3
U.G.D 24jam - Polisi PP.mp3
U.G.D 24jam - United Drinker's.mp3

ThX so much to tata UGD


Train Hartnet - AxAxDxC (Hardcore Punk Bandung).MP3
Train Hartnet - AxAxDxC Season 2.mp3
Train Hartnet - Hedonis Statis.mp3
Train Hartnet - Mimpi Asuransi Realita.mp3
Train Hartnet - Individu.mp3
Train Hartnet - Side By Side.mp3

ThX so much to XprabuX


West Combat - Born To Be Hate (H.C Punk Jakarta).mp3
West Combat - Dead Generation.mp3
West Combat - Disorder Life.mp3
West Combat - Fucking Lie.mp3
West Combat - Intruder.mp3
West Combat - Let's Start War.mp3
West Combat - Total Fucking Drunks Punks.mp3
West Combat - Totally Destroy.mp3
West Combat - No Master.mp3
West Combat - See You In Hell.mp3
West Combat - Tom And Jerry.mp3
West Combat - West Combat.mp3
West Combat - Why.mp3
West Combat - Young Jakarta Punks.mp3

mp3 from


Boys Of Summer - Akhir Cerita (Melodic Punk Bandung).mp3
Boys Of Summer - Hari yang baru.mp3
Boys Of Summer - I'm still running.mp3
Boys Of Summer - I'm What I'm.mp3
Boys Of Summer - The Party.mp3
Boys Of Summer - Tolong!!!.mp3
Boys Of Summer - My Friend Is Fuckin Gay.mp3
new collection =
Boys Of Summer - Buitenzorg.mp3
Boys Of Summer - I Can't Say Anything.mp3
Boys Of Summer - No One Cant Stop.mp3
Boys Of Summer - Renungan Diri.mp3
Boys Of Summer - Please help me to find a way comehome.mp3

mp3 from Arsis Boys Of Summer ThX so much !!!


Kontrasosial - Death To Capitalist PunkRock (CrustPunk Bandung).mp3
Kontrasosial - Demokrasi.mp3
Kontrasosial - Devidoe Et Imperos.mp3
Kontrasosial - Disastrous Prograssion.mp3
Kontrasosial - Food Not Bombs V2.mp3
Kontrasosial - Human Nightmare.mp3
Kontrasosial - Imperial Abad 20.mp3
Kontrasosial - Kontrasosial.mp3
Kontrasosial - Mass Genocide.mp3
Kontrasosial - Millions Of Dead Words.mp3
Kontrasosial - Rampas Kembali.mp3
Kontrasosial - We Dont Need Another Tragedy.mp3
Kontrasosial - Wto.mp3
Kontrasosial - Wto Kor.mp3


Error Brain - Anti Partai (CrustGrindPunk Bandung).mp3
Error Brain - Fuck The Police.mp3
Error Brain - Partai Politikal Bulshit.mp3
Error Brain - Revolution.mp3
Error Brain - Stop War.mp3
Error Brain - Whisky n`Beer.mp3


Balcony - Believe (Hardcore Bandung).mp3
Balcony - Brotherhood.mp3
Balcony - Flower City.mp3
Balcony - Go Home.mp3
Balcony - Injustice.mp3
Balcony - Klepto.mp3
Balcony - Modern World.mp3
Balcony - Society In Suffering.mp3
Balcony - Speak Out.mp3
Balcony - Urban Ghettos.mp3
Balcony - Useless.mp3
new colection=
Balcony - Bebas Bicara.mp3
Balcony - From The Urban Ghettos.MP3
Balcony - Kuya Ngora.mp3
Balcony - Rangkaian Mimpi.mp3
Balcony - Impair.mp3
Balcony ft Homicide - Politics.mp3
Balcony ft Homicide - They School.mp3


Oi! Indo - WORKA VODKA - sepak bola.mp3
Oi! Indo - ANCUR - bajud.mp3
Oi! Indo - BALA NUSANTARA - we don't getting drunk for being brave.mp3
Oi! Indo - DEE HOLDEN - let's rockin'.mp3
Oi! Indo - KICK OFF - fight.mp3
Oi! Indo - BRETEL - Working Class.mp3
Oi! Indo - LEFTIES - let's get drink.mp3
Oi! Indo - OFFSIDE - attack the enemy.mp3
Oi! Indo - PASPOR Oi! - indonesia skinheads.mp3
Oi! Indo - RED LABEL - rock 'n' oi!.mp3
Oi! Indo - RENTENIR - we're gonna win.mp3
Oi! Indo - ROOTBEER - anti portal.mp3
Oi! Indo - S.O.R - it's better hand than gun.mp3
Oi! Indo - SOLDIER OI! - lestarikan.mp3
Oi! Indo - THE DUKE - kami butuh kalian.mp3
Oi! Indo - THE STONE ACNE - punkrock star.mp3
Oi! Indo - THE BULLDOG - nazi wanker.mp3
Oi! Indo - THE UNITED - suara bobotoh.mp3
Oi! Indo - TOTAL DISTRESS - aparat keparat.mp3
Oi! Indo - VIRGIN OI! - oi! for unite.mp3


The Roots - Hilang Perlawanan (Hardcore Punk Jakarta).mp3
The Roots - Tolak & Boikot Parpol.mp3
The Roots - Jelata.mp3
The Roots - Young Rebel.mp3
The Roots - No More Law.mp3
The Roots - Punk Not Drugs.mp3


Oi! The Penalty - Barber Shop - Hooligans.mp3
Oi! The Penalty - Barber Shop - Penalty.mp3
Oi! The Penalty - Begundal LowokWaru - For Our Glory.mp3
Oi! The Penalty - Begundal LowokWaru - We're The Heroes.mp3
Oi! The Penalty - Firey Jack - Indonesia.mp3
Oi! The Penalty - Firey Jack - Persijaku.mp3
Oi! The Penalty - G-Squad - PSIS Coming Again.mp3
Oi! The Penalty - G-Squad - United Semarang Hooligans.mp3
Oi! The Penalty - Rentenir - Bebotoh ( Maung Bandung).mp3
Oi! The Penalty - Rentenir - Viva La Persib.mp3
Oi! The Penalty - Rj Power - GPD (Deltras).mp3
Oi! The Penalty - Rj Power - Song For Hooligans.mp3
Oi! The Penalty - The Blood Line - Blood Line.mp3
Oi! The Penalty - The Blood Line - War Time.mp3


U.R.C - Boring (H.C StreetPunk Jakarta).mp3
U.R.C - Fuck Protect & Serve.mp3
U.R.C - I Don't Care.mp3
U.R.C - Jangan Bayar Pajak.mp3
U.R.C - Police Bastard.mp3
U.R.C - Street PunX.mp3


Byar Peth - Byar Peth (StreetPunk Ponorogo).mp3
Byar Peth - Batang Kemaluan Masuk Dalam Lubang Vagina.mp3
Byar Peth - Tolak RUU Anti Pornography.mp3
Byar Peth - Toliceng.mp3
Byar Peth - Nyelam Mbek Nyiu.mp3

mp3 from ThX brod !!!


Tragedi '98 - Aku Memang Keren (HC PunkRock Ponorogo).mp3
Tragedi '98 - Bangsat vs. Brengsek.mp3
Tragedi '98 - Bapak Djancok.mp3
Tragedi '98 - Dimana.mp3
Tragedi '98 - Korupsi.mp3
Tragedi '98 - Tragedi '98.mp3

mp3 from ThX brod !!!


Kentrong Bunthong - Anak Jalanan (StreetPunkRock Ponorogo).mp3
Kentrong Bunthong - Bangsat.mp3
Kentrong Bunthong - D.I.Y.mp3
Kentrong Bunthong - Kemiskinan.mp3
Kentrong Bunthong - Berontak.mp3
Kentrong Bunthong - Kentrong Bunthong.mp3
Kentrong Bunthong - Ketenaran Fuck Off!!!.mp3
Kentrong Bunthong - Lawan dan Hancurkan.mp3
Kentrong Bunthong - Negara Kita.mp3
Kentrong Bunthong - Satukan.mp3
Kentrong Bunthong - System Idiot the Government.mp3
Kentrong Bunthong - TNI vs. POLRI.mp3
Kentrong Bunthong - Untuk Teman Kami Yang Telah Tiada.mp3
Kentrong Bunthong - Violence.mp3
Kentrong Bunthong - Politikus Anjing.mp3
Kentrong Bunthong - Rakyat Bicara.mp3

mp3 from ThX brod !!!


Anthiosis - Anthiosis (StreetPunk Ponorogo).mp3
Anthiosis - Ayo Ngombe...!.mp3
Anthiosis - Botol Kecil Aqua.mp3
Anthiosis - Hamil Duluan.mp3
Anthiosis - Berjuang Untuk Minuman.mp3
Anthiosis - Ponorogo.mp3
Anthiosis - Si Siti.mp3
Anthiosis - Song for Drunk.mp3
Anthiosis - Toliceng.mp3

mp3 from ThX brod !!!


Chaos Kids - Arak Jowo (StreetPunk Ponorogo).mp3
Chaos Kids - Bersatu.mp3
Chaos Kids - Jangan Biarkan Otak Kita Sadar.mp3

mp3 from ThX brod !!!


Nu Gelo Budug - Because Of Money (Hardcore Punk Bandung).mp3
Nu Gelo Budug - Don't Care Regulate.mp3
Nu Gelo Budug - Hyper.mp3
Nu Gelo Budug - Join Us.mp3
Nu Gelo Budug - NGB.mp3


Discontrack - Amaraghhh (CrustPunk Bandung).mp3
Discontrack - Discontrack.mp3
Discontrack - Masalah Manusia.mp3
Discontrack - Pasukan Siapa.mp3
Discontrack - System.mp3
Discontrack - Terbunuh.mp3
Discontrack - World.mp3
Discontrack - You And What Army.mp3


Speak Up - 10.000 Miles (Melodic PopPunk Jakarta).mp3
Speak Up - Dilemma Kehidupan.mp3
Speak Up - Hopes & Purity.mp3
Speak Up - Ilia (Part II).mp3
Speak Up - Interlude.mp3
Speak Up - Jangan Pernah.mp3
Speak Up - Jangan Pernah (Acoustic).mp3
Speak Up - Semangat Ini.mp3
Speak Up - Somewhere Between Heaven & Hell.mp3
Speak Up - Story of My Life.mp3
Speak Up - Sunset Slaves.mp3
Speak Up - The Greatness of Nature.mp3
Speak Up - You.mp3


Mary Ann - Ambisi (Fast Melodic Punk Jakarta).mp3
Mary Ann - Hi-Land Punk.mp3
Mary Ann - Andriana.mp3
Mary Ann - Introxpexi.mp3
Mary Ann - Feel Lonely Without You.mp3
Mary Ann - Go away.mp3
Mary Ann - Kenanglah Hari Ini.mp3


Momolicious - Acuhku Inspirasiku (PunkRock Semarang).mp3
Momolicious - Aku Tak Peduli.mp3
Momolicious - Late Night Dreami.mp3
Momolicious - One Day.mp3


The Paps - Excuse me (Reggae Bandung).mp3
The Paps - Hang Loose Baby.mp3
The Paps - Have fun arround.mp3
The Paps - Keep walking.mp3
The paps - Life is a big joke.mp3
The Paps - Serangan optik.mp3
The Paps - When we meet.mp3
The Paps - Perlahan tenang.mp3
The Paps - Sementara.mp3


paku payung blog

Paku Payung - Kapal Goyang (Punk Rock Jakarta).mp3
Paku Payung - Pitiek Cilik.mp3
Paku Payung - Sahabat Mabuk.mp3
Paku Payung - Sapi.mp3


Skalie - Candu (Ska Jakarta).mp3
Skalie - Dusta.mp3
Skalie - Hingar bingar jakarta.mp3
Skalie - Ibu pertiwi.mp3
Skalie - Kali kedua.mp3
Skalie - Sexy molly.mp3
Skalie - Story of our life.mp3


Es Coret - Aku Kehilangan (Ska Jakarta).mp3
Es Coret - Corina.mp3
Es Coret - Harap Semu.mp3
Es Coret - High.mp3
Es Coret - Jangan Tanya.mp3
Es Coret - Dan Sepertinya (Kujatuh Cinta Lagi).mp3
Es Coret - Do You Wanna Save Me Or Making Worst.mp3
Es Coret - Don't waste it.mp3
Es Coret - Gipsy Said.mp3
Es Coret - Go...!!!.mp3
Es Coret - Noon Night Lovers.mp3
Es Coret - Simple But Complex.mp3
Es Coret - With You.mp3
Es Coret - Mess up.mp3
Es Coret - My Stories.mp3
Es Coret - Janji Gombal.mp3
Es Coret - Kita Bersaudara.mp3
Es Coret - Let's Dance.mp3


Boys Are Toys - Ali Baba (PopPunk Bandung).mp3
Boys Are Toys - Boys Are Toys.mp3
Boys Are Toys - Friends Forever.mp3
Boys Are Toys - Fuck Off!.mp3
Boys Are Toys - Get Out.mp3
Boys Are Toys - Hell Yeah.mp3
Boys Are Toys - No Used To Say.mp3
Boys Are Toys - Soundcheck.mp3
Boys Are Toys - You Are No One.mp3
Boys Are Toys - Hey You.mp3
Boys Are Toys - Hirarki.mp3
Boys Are Toys - Just In Case.mp3


Iritasi Ringan Friendster

Iritasi Ringan - Lepaskan (Ska Rocksteady Jogja).mp3
Iritasi Ringan - Muldani.mp3
Iritasi Ringan - P.N.S.mp3
Iritasi Ringan - T.P.O.M.mp3


Heroes All Dead - Akhir (Oldskull Hardcore Jakarta).mp3
Heroes All Dead - Far Away.mp3
Heroes All Dead - I Won't Bother You.mp3
Heroes All Dead - We Loose.mp3


XXL - Cinta Indah (Melodic PopPunk Jogja).mp3
XXL - I am sorry.mp3
XXL - Lelaki Brengsek.mp3
XXL - M T R.mp3
XXL - Opening.mp3
XXL - Poisson.mp3
XXL - Tak Mungkin.mp3
XXL - Valentina.mp3
new album=
XXL - Pesta.mp3
XXL - Untukku Indonesiaku.mp3
XXL - Mabok Lagi.mp3
XXL - Mantanku.mp3
XXL - Pacarku Matre.mp3
XXL - Bosan.mp3
XXL - Cerita anak manusia.mp3
XXL - I Have Not a Brain....mp3
XXL - Aku Kini Berubah.mp3
XXL - Badut Kampus.mp3
XXL - Bernyanyi Bersama.mp3


Stadium 12 - Change The World (Punk Rock Purwokerto).mp3
Stadium 12 - Hopeless care.mp3
Stadium 12 - Inhumanity.mp3
Stadium 12 - When Life Knock You Down.mp3


Gabba Gabba - BHMD (Rock n Roll Punk Bandung).mp3
Gabba Gabba - Don't You Cry Brother.mp3
Gabba Gabba - Hatiku Bukan Milikmu.mp3
Gabba Gabba - Sahabat Boleh Datang Dan Pergi.mp3
Gabba Gabba - Selamat Tinggal Kakak ku.mp3
Gabba Gabba - Terima Kasih.mp3
Gabba Gabba - You Call Me.mp3
Gabba Gabba - Kembalikan Indonesiaku Yang Dulu.mp3
Gabba Gabba - Mencari Jati Diri.mp3
Gabba Gabba - Motorku Mogok.mp3
Gabba Gabba - I'm Sorry Bobby.mp3
Gabba Gabba - Jangan Menyerah.mp3


Youngster City Rockers - Shake Your Head (Fast SkaPunk Malang).mp3
Youngster City Rockers - Someday.mp3


The Frustaters - Berakhirlah (Melodic Punk Bandung).mp3
The Frustaters - Berharap kembali.mp3
The Frustaters - Sebuah Arti.mp3
The Frustaters - Terbaik.mp3
The Frustaters - Untitled.mp3
The Frustaters - Why.mp3
The Frustaters - Why Doesnt Meant Anythink.mp3
The Frustaters - My Regret.mp3
The Frustaters - Penghianatan.mp3
The Frustaters - Intro.mp3
The Frustaters - Love Against Distorsion.mp3
The Frustaters - Maybe Its Sucks But Its True.mp3
The Frustaters - I Dont Wana Breakdown.mp3
The Frustaters - I won't wait no more.mp3
The Frustaters - Eternity.mp3
The Frustaters - For Someone.mp3
The Frustaters - I can't escape for another step.mp3